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The Smart Church Podcast

Feb 13, 2018

On today’s show we welcome Jason Moore, award-winning digital artist and co-founder of Midnight Oil Productions.

Topics include:

  • Jason defines the meaning of visual imagery in worship.
  • Find out how Midnight Oil Productions was founded.
  • Discover more about Jason’s spiritual journey into ministry.
  • Examples of how we...

Jan 30, 2018

On today’s show we welcome James Lee, Manager of Visual Arts at The United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.

Topics include:

  • Why film is a medium of storytelling that embodies different arts that tell one cohesive story.
  • Understanding Jesus’ role as a storyteller through visual arts.
  • Get...

Jan 8, 2018

On today’s show we welcome Bishop Robert Schnase, resident bishop of the Rio Texas Annual Conference and author of numerous bestselling books.

Topics include:

  • What it means to be a Bishop in the United Methodist Church.
  • How pastors can engage the culture around them.
  • Learn more about Bishop Robert’s journey as an...

Jan 2, 2018

On today’s show we welcome Mike Bonem, speaker, congregational leadership coach and author of Thriving in the Second Chair: 10 Practices for Robust Ministry (When You’re Not in Charge).

Topics include:

  • Mike explains what it means to be a second chair leader.
  • Mike’s core views on leadership in ministry and in...

Dec 27, 2017

On today’s show we welcome, Dr. Lovett H. Weems, distinguished professor of Church Leadership and the former Director of the Lewis Centre of Church Leadership, where he currently serves as Senior Consultant.

Topics include:

  • Learn more about Lovett’s journey to Church Leadership.
  • Why Lovett believes in doing...